Kia Utzon-Frank

MA, Royal College of Art

"I'm a goldsmith that can't escape my sculptural and architectural heritage."
MA from Royal College of Art, Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalworks & Jewellery.
Kia is the inventor of the patent pending mechanism 'The louver twisting Comb' (working title). It is a control mechanism rotating strips of flexible material between two slits by pulling or raising a transverse bar module. It can be used to control light, air, liquids amongst others. Obvious uses are blinds, room dividers, discretion screens and intelligent facades but a lot of other fields are being explored.
She is also working with large scale foldable string structures, that can be hidden in ceilings or walls simply by closing them. She is softening corners in architecture by adding on string structures in elastic string or electroluminescent wire that gives the space a subtle lift.